Microsoft Access VBA Code Inspector

The TM VBA Code Inspector is a great tool for evaluating and analyzing VBA code. A detailed article can be found here.

Use the TM VBA-Inspector add-in to browse an entire VBA codebase and get a quick overview of potential VBA errors.

Because there are different views about what constitutes an error and what not, you can toggle every single failure in the Options dialog to fine-tune the TM VBA-Inspector to your individual needs and your own coding style.

TM VBA-Inspector provides the following possibilities:

  • Detailed list of all “errors” found in the VBA code.
  • By double clicking on an “error” you jump to the corresponding line in the VBA code.
  • Your settings in the Options dialog box determine which errors will be reported.

You can also use TM VBA-Inspector to evaluate VBA code in Word, Excel and Powerpoint.