Agile Fun and Games

The February meeting topic for Agile KC is “Fun and Games”. The Agile KC folks always put on a good meeting and this month will be no exception.

Many agile software development processes and techniques can be viewed as games with certain “rules” and predicted outcomes so this exercise will certainly support that notion.

Here is the meeting description:

“A lot of research and information is available about how we learn as adults.  It’s probably not surprising that as we age, the patterns and ways in which we take in and retain new information as adults is very different than how we did it as kids.  What may be surprising is the fact that combining the learning with game play is even more effective for adults than kids.  It could be that we just don’t play enough games as adults, or it could be that by learning via game play we can establish and\or bypass neural pathways in our adult minds that make the activity more effective.  Either way, this month is about playing games.”