Microsoft Access 2010 and the Microsoft ActiveX calendar control

We recently had a client upgrade to new PCs including Access 2010. They had a large number of pre-Access 2010 applications using MSCAL.OCX (Microsoft ActiveX calendar control). There are several options for replacing the deprecated MSCAL.OCX.

To replace the Microsoft ActiveX calendar control in Access 2010 applications, you can:
-Use the built-in DatePicker feature for any textbox control and bind it to a date type field.
-Use the Windows DatePicker control which is part of the Windows Common Controls.
-Use a third-party date/calendar control.

The issue becomes more one of timing. In some cases, you don’t have the luxury of planning for and making thoughtful modifications to implement a new calendar approach, especially during the heat of getting an application up and running immediately, e.g. during a ‘surprise’ upgrade.

The quicker workaround is to download MSCAL.OCX and register it on the PC. Then the old calendar control will still work with Access 2010, giving you some breathing room to consider a longer term replacement. After downloading, you can register the OCX using Regsvr32.EXE located in a Windows System folder, depending on your Windows version. You can use various command line options with Regsvr32.EXE . You can also drag a shortcut to Regsvr32.EXE to the desktop and then drag the .OCX to the Regsvr32.EXE shortcut to register the component.