Kansas City Agile Software Development

The next (3/11/2010) AgileKC meeting covers a topic at the core of software development success.

Meeting Topic: It Ain’t Over ’til the Fat Lady Sings “Done Done”

If Wagner’s Brunnhilde had been a Scrummaster instead of a Valkerie, she’d be singing “It ain’t a feature until it’s ‘done done.'” How could such a simple concept as “done done” have such a dramatic impact as on-time delivery of zero defect software?

Hear personal testimony from believers who have made it work. Find out:
* The fundamentals of the technique
* Straight forward and practical steps to implementation
* The dramatic impact it has on on-time delivery of defect free software
* Why your customer should care
* Why you should care
* Would it work in your environment?

For more information visit: http://www.agilekc.org