Epicor Prophet 21 Development

We have been working on several Epicor Prophet 21 and Epicor 9 (a.k.a. E9) interface and conversion projects lately. Both products are owned by Epicor and are ERP systems target at wholesale distribution companies. The are windows-based applications utilizing SQL Server back ends.

From a programmer’s perspective, the database is rather in the “involved” end of the spectrum in terms of number of tables, columns within tables, legacy objects still residing in the database and not-always-intuitive naming convention. It takes some time to learn the model and become proficient.

If you are considering such a project, there are several resources available, short of hiring a consulting firm to help you.

For Prophet 21, there is an active  Prophet 21 Worldwide User Group. They also hold a conference each year called: P21 Connect Conference. Another source is Epicor Users which has E9 and other content.

You can also visit Epicor’s Prophet 21 site and their E9 area on the site.

Some Prophet 21 third party products that can also give you a huge head start in mobile device access, reporting, web-based tools such as orders, customer access and much more are:

Web Connect for Prophet 21 and Simple Apps.

The main advice is don’t underestimate how much time is involved, even when you have experience.