Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Education

Microsoft has an area on MSDN for Visual Studio LightSwitch education with LightSwitch “How Do I?” Videos such as:

1. Introduction to Visual Studio LightSwitch
2. Working with Data
3. Working with Screens

For those of you unfamiliar with LightSwitch:
LightSwitch is an application generator which builds data-driven applications.
A LightSwitch application uses ASP.NET on the server and Silverlight on the client.
LightSwitch applications can be deployed to Windows Azure.
LightSwitch apps can either be browser-hosted or use Silverlight out of browser for the desktop.
LightSwitch is model-driven so in principle it could generate other kinds of client, such as HTML5 or Windows 8 Metro.

Having used LightSwitch I can say that although the current version misses one of it’s targets–a non-developer generating a useful application for their business–for professional developers looking for greater productivity and a way of building a multi-tier application which enforces good design principles, LightSwitch is a very compelling tool and at least an indication of model-driven development direction for Visual Studio. Stay tuned.