Xamarin Interface Design Tool Coming Soon

Check out Ryan Paul’s article describing the new Xamarin interface design tool that is coming soon. As mentioned in the article, the new user interface design tool is fully integrated with the IDE, enabling end-to-end iOS application development within the Xamarin Studio environment. Xamarin application developers will no longer have to rely on Xcode for drag-and-drop construction of iOS user interface layouts.

Ryan also says, “There are a number of key areas where Xamarin’s designer has been tuned to deliver a better and more intuitive experience than Xcode. Most notably, Xamarin’s iOS designer offers a much more intuitive, Visual Studio-like approach to establishing event handlers—insulating developers from Objective-C idiosyncrasies.

On the Xamarin site you’ll find more information about this feature including this mention:
“We have built a designer for the iOS storyboard format which is fully integrated into Xamarin Studio. The iOS designer maintains full compatibility with the storyboard format, so that files can be edited in either Xcode, or Xamarin Studio. Additionally, the editor supports advanced features such as custom controls that render at design-time in the editor.”

As we have used Xamarin for projects this year, we can certainly say that removing the Xcode dependency for UI design and having it integrated within the Xamarin IDE will be huge. From event handlers to the ability to create and reuse custom controls, this next release of Xamarin Studio will be a major improvement in developer productivity.