Microsoft Access in Kansas City

Included with the various software development projects and technologies we’re involved with, we’ve been building and supporting Microsoft Access custom software in Kansas City since the mid-90s and have witnessed some amazing solutions developed by experts (like us) and a number developed by folks whose main line of work is not software development. This is a testimony to the intent and usefulness of the tool. The calls we receive on a frequent basis range from a company needing a few hours of assistance with a particularly tricking query up to ongoing support and development of enterprise-wide Access applications using Microsoft SQL Server as the database.

The Heartland User Group in Kansas City has hosted a Microsoft Access Special Interest Group for years and is a wonderful resource for Microsoft Access information for many developers and users across the Kansas City metropolitan area.

So if you are in need of expert Microsoft Access (or Microsoft Office automation in general) assistance or just have questions, contact Bliss Consulting or any number of reputable custom software development firms in Kansas City that have experience with Microsoft Access or simply show up at the next monthly Microsoft Access SIG meeting.